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Thank you for your ongoing support during the COVID-19 situation. I’m really looking forward to working with you this season and I want to assure you that I’m taking extra steps to help provide peace of mind during your time in Cape May. 



Cape May is a town that enjoys a good time. While you’re spending time with others, in addition to social distancing, it’s still recommended that you wear a protective face covering. As a fun and practical option to keep you safe - yet still allow you to enjoy a cocktail with friends - I’m selling 100% cotton, reusable face masks with a straw hole for only $10 each (plus shipping). Masks are being offered in a variety of colors/patterns and are available immediately. I recommend using paper or reusable metal straws : ) For more information, please email me:

A few things before you arrive:



During these challenging times, I’m taking every precaution to ensure that your homes and rentals are being cleaned and disinfected to the highest standard.


I’ve exhaustively researched all of the protocols set out by the CDC, the EPA, NJ state and local governments, WHO, FDA, as well as various other organizations – including Cape May Strong – who’ve made it their mission to provide updated information on the best way to keep residents and guests safe.


  • While only using pet, people and environmentally friendly cleaners, I’ve ensured that all products are specifically recommended by the CDC to help combat Covid-19

  • A Sanitizr UV sanitizing wand – proven to eradicate 99.9% of germs, viruses and bacteria upon contact that’s currently being used at the National Institutes of Health – is being used on all high-touch surfaces such as knobs, handles, faucets, etc. and soft surfaces such as mattresses and shower curtains

  • We’re applying Benzarid, an EPA-certified, hospital-grade disinfectant that sanitizes against viruses (including the Human Corona Virus), bacteria, molds, and bedbugs with an electrostatic sprayer to all surfaces (porous and non-porous) as well as outdoor furniture and showers, grills, bikes and beach equipment


I have recommended that all of the properties that I oversee:

  • offer complimentary hand soap and hand sanitizer

  • wash all linens in hot water with appropriate detergents or request that renters provide their own sheets, pillows, towels 
    and blankets

  • limit the use of throw pillows, decorative rugs and other extraneous soft furnishing items that may carry germs

  • use HEPA AC filters and change them between guests and/or offer air purification machines

  • provide additional trash and recycling bins to accommodate extra waste from in-home dining/take out


Every property will have a checklist detailing the cleaning efforts that have been completed to keep you safe.



Avoid the crowds – have your refrigerator, pantry and/or medicine cabinet stocked in advance of, or during, your stay. For more information, please email me:



Save time and relax - I can provide you with catered picnics, happy hours, graduation parties, brunches, BBQs, and other events. For more information, please email me:



If there’s anything you need to help enhance your stay in Cape May, I’m here to help – just ask! 



When packing for your trip, please be sure to bring your personal face coverings and any other self-care items you may need during your stay - businesses in town may have limited supplies. 


Remember, peace of mind starts with The Beach Concierge.


Becky, The Beach Concierge

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